What is spring cable?

Spring cable, is also called Spiral cable, Coiled cable, due to its unique retractable spiral-shaped coils.

Spring cable is applied for its excellent function of power supply and data processing, measurement, control engineering.

Spring cable is retractile, and has outstanding performance of oil-, gas-, and abrasion resistance, which makes it the very suitable connection under hash and wet environment for electronics, machinery control in industry field.

When should I use a spring cable?

Spring cable is so much helpful for the space saving.

When it comes to an application which requires movement connection under the very limit working space, the spring cable is the preferred choice, for example, massage chair, automatic extension arm, etc.

Sometimes, the elasticity is critical, then polyurethane sheathed spring cable is the best.

If the cable is to have direct contact with water, poly-ether spring cable is good at hydrolysis resistance.

More knowledge of specific application, please consult our expert.

100% quality under control

Here, even a single spring cable sample will be produced from the very beginning step of copper conductor drawing, to the final spiral curling process.

All manufacturing procedures are 100% managed in the exactly same factory location.

Quality is under strict control, no outsourcing contamination.

Copper drawing
Cable extrusion
Spiral process