What is spring cable?

Spring cable, is also called as Spiral cable, Coiled cable, due to its unique retractable spiral-shaped coils. Spring cable is used with the function of power supply and data processing, measurement, control engineering. The spring cable is retractile, and has outstanding performance of oil-, gas-, and abrasion resistance, which makes it the suitable connection under hash and wet environment for electronics, machinery control in industry field.

When should I use a spring cable?

Spring cable is so much helpful for the space saving. When it comes to an application which requires movement connection under the very limit working space, the spring cable is the preferred choice, for example, massage chair, automatic extension arm, etc. Sometimes, the elasticity is critical, then polyurethane sheathed spring cable is the best. If the cable is to have direct contact with water, poly-ether spring cable is good at hydrolysis resistance. More knowledge of specific application, please communicate with the spring cable manufacturer.

Manufacturer Information


Factory Location: Chengong Industrial Park, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong

Country: China

Year Established: 1997

Employee Total: 200 to 300

Annual Revenue: USD $5,000,000

Main Products: Spring cable

Company Profile

WCH Cable has been in the cable extrusion and spring cable fabrication since 1997. From the very beginning, thanks to the positive quality management and cost performance, WCH Cable obtains great success in China market and keeps progress ever since.

WCH Cable has been engaged in providing power and signal transmission solutions for the commercial, industrial, and household electronics and appliances industries. WCH Cable integrates businesses globally with providing a competitive advantage of safe, cost effective, and innovative products that improve our everyday life.

Our goal is to become YOUR ONE STOP OEM SOURCE for all your cable and wire demand. We continuously make significant technology progress, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff are fully committed to a high quality program and ensures the highest quality workmanship available.

With many years experience of cable and wire design and manufacturing, WCH Cable makes every product renowned for its elegant appearance and flawless finish. WCH Cable Will Continually promote the strategy and keep progressing.

Apart from spring cable, our featured products include:

  • UL758 Cable – AVLV2 AWM Appliance Wiring Material Cable
  • UL62 Cable – ZJCZ. Flexible Cord
  • CE Cable – CE Approval + UL, VDE, IEC

Cables and wires provided by WCH Cable, are approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Cable and wire Insulation Materials as Thermoplastic polyurethane (PUR/TPU), Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Crosslinked polyethylene (XL-PE), and others such as FEP, FR-PE, XL-PVC, mPPE, mPPE-PE, PVC, Rubber, Silicone Rubber.

All cables and wires provided by WCH Cable are guaranteed 100% RoHS compliant. Meanwhile, WCH Cable is capable to meet higher levels of other environment requirement such as Phthalate free (17P), Halogen free, Reach compliant.

WCH Cable is sincerely looking forward to be your best business partner.